Caroline Irvin, an interior designer at Kemble Interiors, and Brody Davis were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend that ended up being a whirlwind of a Sunday. “We were supposed to have a quick brunch at The East Pole, a restaurant near my apartment, but it turned into a 10-hour affair,” remembers Caroline. “We went from brunch, to an outdoor courtyard for a cocktail, to the rooftop party of a mutual friend in Brooklyn, and then to the roof of Brody’s apartment for a moonlit sushi dinner.”

A couple of days after their first meeting, Brody was scheduled to leave for Europe for two weeks. “I knew I had to see Caroline again beforehand,” remembers Brody. “I asked her if she was free on Wednesday, and thankfully she agreed. Later, I discovered she had to cancel another date to see me!”
Even though it felt like things were meant to be, Brody was actually in the midst of moving to Los Angeles right around the same time they had connected. “He was too far along to turn back after four dates,” says Caroline. “However, we both knew what we had found was too special to risk, so he moved back to New York for the love of his life after a few short, painful months of long distance.”
A year and a half after their first date, Brody proposed. “We spent the second half of 2015 building a house in East Hampton,” says Caroline. “Brody knew that he wanted to ask me to marry him the first weekend we were in our house, as it had become the most meaningful place in our lives.”
Charleston is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the United States, so by the time Caroline and Brody landed on this location, there was only one weekend available before 2018 at the bride’s first-choice venue. “We booked it immediately,” she says, laughing. Located in the center of the downtown historic district, the Governor Thomas Bennett House was built around 1825 and immaculately restored. “As an added measure of specialness, the Thomas Bennett House is also the same venue where my mom married my stepfather,” explains Caroline.
Festivities started on Friday with a “sexy dinner party,” while Saturday was designed to be an elegant affair turned wild celebration. Caroline had a pretty clear idea of the look she was going for—“secret garden meets old Charleston.” “We wanted the gardens and the grounds to shine, so we used a lot of greenery in our florals accented with pale pinks, soft blues, and deep pinks,” she says. “It was a black-tie wedding, so we wanted it to feel elegant, but also seasonally appropriate. It was 90 degrees on our wedding day, and our ceremony was at 4:00 p.m., so the pops of color felt exactly right.” Forgoing Pinterest in favor of finding inspiration in books and on Instagram, Caroline relied heavily on her florist, Amy Osaba, to help her make sense of her vision. “Even though I was extremely involved in the process, I was truly blown away by our flowers all weekend,” says the bride.

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